Frequently Asked Questions

COPPA. is an Italian sandwich catering business, located in New York City.

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Where and how do you deliver?
We only deliver to New York City customers. We have a dope team of New Yorkers who will deliver your order on time, most likely taking the good old subway system. Our deliveries are always free in New York City.

What's your minimum purchase amount?
Our minimum order is $80. Purchases below that amount will be cancelled and refunded.

Can I place an order anytime?
Yes! However, because we only work with fresh produce, we kindly ask that you allow for at least 24 hours between the time you order and the time of delivery. Short notice orders will be cancelled and refunded.

What is included with the order?
A lot of love. Oh, and napkins and treats. However, plastic forks are not included unless you specifically ask for it (we like to think we're saving the planet).

Do you have vegan/paleo options?
Yes! Check out our bowls and salads. Any allergies or concerns?  Hit us up: