What We Do

We do Italian sandwiches.  We bring them to offices.  

We have interpreted Italian classics using classical techniques and an eye towards sane proportion.  

Ideally, you would eat one sandwich and a small salad and feel quite good about eating Coppa. Anymore, would be gross.  

Why We Bother

It would be much easier to not try, but what's the sense (or fun) in that? 

1. To serve people.

2. To feed fairly priced, good food to the real masses.  Seriously, bowls don't count.  The majority of this country's real wages did not increase in 20+ years.  Thus, a very large portion of this country cannot access certain high quality foods.

3. To develop self-reliant people. Learn more HERE

How We Act

It is plain stupid that a company find it only interesting to build company people.  It is of great importance to build simply people.  In our effort to do so, we chase four pursuits:

  • The pursuit of truth

  • The pursuit of constant self-improvement

  • The pursuit of knowledge beyond the self (knowing your place in world and knowing about others)

  • The pursuit of material and intellectual humility

We consider these pursuits to be the path to self-reliance - a habit that has far larger implications than just adding to the top-line.